Eastern Oregon/Idaho

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Had plans to travel to Utah in a few weeks but those fell through so I'm looking for something in Eastern Oregon. I've been wanting to go out to the Steens but I'm afraid that access might be tough. Does anyone have any suggestions for a backpacking trip in that direction or over in Owyhee country?

You might be able to get up into some of the canyons on the eastern side (and maybe the western side)of steens mountain. I'm posting a picture of the steens taken late last March. It does actually look like you could get a little ways up some of those canyons, which look pretty awesome. We spent a couple days in the Alvord Desert, and then went over to the Owyhee and spent a few days backpacking around. We backpacked down painted canyon and looped back through the honeycombs and carlton canyon (these are located just west of succor creek state park). I posted some images in a past forum. The pictures don't do the area justice: http://www.trailsnw.com/forum/view post.php?postid=110