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Can anyone give me a suggestion on some good backpacking loops in the Olympics or Cascades that I can bring my dog along. I'm trying to go in June for about a week. I live in Georgia, know nothing about the area.

Man....I WISH I had tuned in to this message board earlier! You guys offered that man absolutely NO HELP at all! For anybody else who plans on hiking with Rover, a good (essential) book to get is Best Hikes with dogs- Western Washington, by: Dan A. Nelson- You can probably order it through Borders/B&N. Here are some ideas: First- Mount Baker-Snoqualmie will offer you and your pooch at least a dozen trails to go on- One of my favorites is Olallie Lake/Pratt Lake trail- It parallels a stream and ends at two upper mountain lakes...It can be kind of crowded on the weekends-as with all I-90 corridor trails, The Kendall Katwalk is SUPER, but does not have H2O... Sooooooo...head to Mount Baker area- North Cascades- and E. Mt Baker Lake, Tommyhoi lake, Damfino lakes, Skyline name a few! The South Cascades I tend to shy away from in the summer due to rattlers...But the Pasayten wilderness, Col. Bob, and the Olympics offer GREAT opportunities for this type of hiking with Rover. I hope that helped! STRONG CAUTION!...If you are hiking with your dog, keep them near...cougars and Bear are around, so take precautions and Bear spray- you may want a 9mm in the National Forests, thats what I take! Not for a bear, but possibility a cougar. Have fun, and remember- no trace, and pack your dogs poop out too! :)
You'll probably just have to look for hikes in the national forest land. I don't think they'll allow dogs in Olympic or North Cascades National Park.