Against Park Pass

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So I was up at Mt. St. Helens this past weekend and noticed that their "ranger talk" was accomponied by a sign that said it was funded by trail park pass fees. Along with this, was a brand new paved parking lot and new bathrooms. This was at Windy Ridge (owned by the forest service). I have never been against the park pass system, but if my money isn't going towards the trails, I have a slight problem with it!

Even if only half of the fees go into actual trail maintainence, its worth it.
Where I may not like everything that the money is spent on, I am still very willing to shell it out. Even if not all the money goes to the things I would like I at least hope that some of it does. Some is better than nothing. And politically you do have to make what you spend it on visible.
I agree that I would like to have the money spent on more trail oriented issues, but you have to expect to see it spent more on things most people will see, as opposed to keeping trails in good shape, which most people take for granted.