Best Backpacking Meal

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I am trying to broaden my diet for my backpacking trips. What is everyone's favorite meal backpacking? must be easy to cook and tasty. My favorite is a chili mix by bear creek which you just add water and tomato paste (very cheap at Safeway).

Every time I go hiking I take Kraft shells and cheese. One: you have the pasta which is a great energy food. Two: the cheese is a tasty treat. Three: it is lightweight and durable, you just pop open the box and put the shells and substitute cheese food product packet in a zip-lock and you are good to go. I will also second the ramen votes. I also love to take some beef jerky, and a candy bar or two as a victory dance.
This might sound wierd but it is sooo good! Mix couscous, instant mashed potatoes, instant gravy and salmon (the "chicken of the sea" waterless version in the foil bags are great). very filling, lots of carbohydrates and calories for energy! MMMMM
Has anyone had any luck making cinnamon rolls on the trail? I'd like to try it one of these days. If anyone has any tips, please share.
I have a new favorite. I tried a stir fry on the trail, and it turned out pretty good. I just cut up some carrots, onion, green and red pepper, brocolli, and stuck it all in a ziplock bag. I purchased a can of cooked chicken (its about the size of a tuna-fish also comes in little bags if you prefer less weight) and a package of Schezuan Seasoning. I took several bags of boil-in-bag rice that takes 10 minutes to cook. I did the rice first, covered it to keep it warm, and then heated up the chicken, added the veggies, and the seasoning packet (we also brought little packages of soy sauce). It turned out very good. I'll be trying it again on my next trip.
You can't beat the ease and tastiness of spaghetti. I also generally bring along a small loaf of french bread to round out the meal.
There are these great things at Trader Joe's called Tasty is indian food that cames in a pouch that you just have to boil for 3 minutes! works great with some instant rice. I guess you have to like indian food but it is nice and spicy with a lot of flavor which is more than you can say for most trail food.
I enjoy trail burritos. Just dehydrate some ground beef and pack some red pepper, green pepper, onion, and some salsa. You can also bring rice or beans and if your trip isn't going to take you too long, you can also get away with bringing cheese. You'll also want to bring some seasoning. The cheap and easy store bought stuff works well.