Coast Hike

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Anyone have a good coastal hike in the Northwest? I'm looking for a four or five day trip in late May or early June. Doesn't really matter where along the coast it is, I've heard that the coasts of both Oregon and Washington are great.

May or June is a great time to do the Lost Coast in California. It may be a long drive but it is well worth it. It is quite spectacular and more importantly it is the most remote strech of coast in the west! Check out the description on the hikes page. I did it a few years ago and did a 3 day trip but intended to do longer, and there is definitely a lot of the area we did not see.
I would suggest anything on the Olympic Coast. A few years back I backpacked from Third Beach to Toleak Point. The scenery is outstanding. You'll just have to be sure to pick up a tide table and plan your hike around the tides (there are some points that are impassable at high tide). The trip can be extended to Oil City which is accessible from Highway 101 creating a good one-way shuttle trip.