Wallowa Hikes

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I need a good hike in the Wallowa Mountains for this upcoming summer. Anyone have any favorites?

To echo everyone else, you should definitely head to the lake basin. I had a great solo trip on Hurricaine Creek last year (which will take you to the Basin -- but not directly past Ice Lake). I'm still trying to talk my friends into going back. The trail was sparse, even in August (I passed 2 parties in three weekdays) but remnants of horses abounds (i.e., lots o' poop). To avoid the poop, I've been told to check out the trails coming in from the south. Many of them are too steep for horses.
Depending on skill level. Anaroid Like is a good starter hike for the Wallowa's. Ice Lake is a jump up in skill lever(plan on a 7 hour round trip at high elevations). Both of these are day trips. Then there are plenty of overnight nights. You could stay up there for a week and never see the same trail twice.
If this is your first trip to the Wallowas I would head for Lakes Basin. It does get crowded, so I'd plan for a mid-week trip. You have several access options, all very good. Great loop trips can be made from the Wallowa Lake Trailhead but you might also look at approaching the area from the south.