First Backpacking Trip

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I'm planning a 1-2 day backpacking trip with my 17 year old son this summer and was wondering what would be a good trip in the Mt. Hood area? Or the Sisters area?


Also, was just browsing a map of the Mt. Hood area.  Since it looks like they turned some of the road to trail (it looks like the trail now begins close to Laurance Lake) -- You can do a loop trip by heading up to Elk Cove, connect over Wy'east basin, and come back down Pinnacle ridge and land pretty close to the Elk Cove trailhead.  Looks like it would be a pretty nice loop trip.
 I recommend Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge. Its my favorite gorge hike and it's a nice gradual incline for 7 miles. After mile 6 theres a bunch of camping sites along the trail, with the creek running right next to the sites. Eagle Creek is a stunning waterfall with a tunnel behind you can walk through. You'll also see Punch Bowel along the way, so don't fail to take a very short detour down. It begins with a waterfall into a basin and then runs down into another waterfall. If it's warm enough, its a great place to swim.  Bring kindling or something highly flammable for a fire. Its very wooded, and if it hasn't been dry for a while it'll be a pain starting a fire.  Have fun!
I highly recommend the TOPO! program -- it's spendy, but if you're going to do a lot of backpacking, it's a worthy investment.  Otherwise most outdoor stores in Oregon should carry maps for Mt. Hood, The Three Sisters, and the Mt. Jefferson area.
Thanks and where is the best place to get maps?
Some of my favorites in the region include:
Elk Cove (Mt. Hood)
Jefferson Park (Mt. Jefferson)

The Matthieu Lakes, accessible from McKenzie Pass I also remember as being pretty nice.  It's a short backpack (which may be good for a first backpack, 2-3 miles), but there is lots of exploring that can be done from there.