From Spokane to Portland

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First of, let me introduce myself (I'm brand new to the forum). My name is Max 18 years old, live in Spokane. I've recently adopted to a mor hostil life style, hoping for the best for me. Will be going to collge here soon, to major in Archaeology. Also speak French and and some Spanish. Those are some pretty interesting things I would like to share with you all.

But anywhos. I've recently got a crazy idea to backpack from Spokane, Washington to Portland, Oregon. I was actually wondering if this would be acheivable, legally. I have a route planned out (roughly), but I was wondering if I needed a camping license, or something similar to camp in certain places. This is my first time going on a long-distance hike like that. I was wondering what your advice would be for me.

Thank you!!

I'd love to hear more about your trip -- you'll have to give us an update as you plan this further...
 I'd have to agree with Forest..thats probably your route. 
Sounds like fun.  You should be fine regarding camping, but I guess it would depend on your route and what those 'certain places' are.  If you stick mainly to National Forests, you can generally camp mostly anywhere.  

A natural way to go would be to hike the Northwest Trail over to the Pacific Crest Trail and down to Portland, but if you have something else in mind I would love to see your route.