loop hike in 3 sisters

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 We are looking for a good loop hike in the 3 sisters, about a 4 day trip would be good...We like getting into the back country that is less traveled..We are looking at the 2nd week of August...so not sure about where to head...We will be coming from Michigan so we may need a day or so to acclimate...any suggestions from those of you who have hiked this area...This will be our first time hiking in Oregon..

Do we need a permit or is there someplace else that has great trails


Hi Amy,
The only guide specific to that region that I know of is the Falcon Outdoors book 'Hiking Oregon Three Sisters', but it's been a while since I've looked through it, so I can't really offer my opinion. 

You may also consider just some nice loops on the south edge of the mountains, the area around Wickiup Plain (Southwest side of the South Sister) and the surrounding lakes is quite nice.  My favorite area that I've found is on the West side of the mountains, around Husband Lake and Linton Meadows. 
 To those of you who responded to the 3 sisters loop info ...thanks...I was going to order a guide book for oregon and there trails...which one do you recommend?...I really am not sure if we will be able to do the 50 mile hike...this is my first big hike since I had some major back surgery...However , we still want to get out in the back country so the shorter hike may have to do, maybe with some side day hike...IDEAS

Thanks , Amy

Truly looking forward to getting out there
[QUOTE user='Forrest']I'm not sure of the exact mileage, but I would think that the loop trip which fully circles the Three Sisters would be a great 4 day trip. 

The full loop is about 50 miles, and (if your up to it) you can definitly do it in four days. The short trip is about 36 miles, either way I agree "Great Trip".
I'm not sure of the exact mileage, but I would think that the loop trip which fully circles the Three Sisters would be a great 4 day trip. 

So this is a great choice for a backpacking trip, I did the four day version a couple of years ago and loved every minute of it. I posted the trip on my hikes if you want to look at it a little closer. We started at Pole Creek TH which was outside of Sisters, Or. and went up the Saddle between South and Middle Sister. This was an awesomw chioce not only for its backcountry feel due to the "lack of trail" but the views from this altitude were very nice. The trail over the saddle was littered with carins so we were able to find the way just fine. we never lost the trail and with all the signage, we never took the wrong trail. There is a primitive map in Douglas Lorains book "Backpacking Oregon", it doesnt show great detail but it will get you from point "A" to point "B" without any issue.

Second week of Aug should be perfect, I believe thats about the time that we went. Lastly, no other permits are required except for the free wilderness permit that you get at the TH. Just check out the book from your local library, it's got everything you need to know in there. Enjoy!