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Hi All!
  Anyone know of open trails between Portland and Newport? Headed west for the weekend, would like to stop for an overnighter to test the new tent. What better weather than the current! Looked at Tillamook National, but it looks like all open trails are OHV or equestrian. Any ideas? Just want a short hike in, 2 mi or so...

Thanks :)

It depends on which route you're taking. I live in Forest Grove and whenever I head to the coast I typically take highway 6 to Tillamook. There are some backpacking opportunities, but they are limited. There is the Wilson River trail which follows the Wilson for quite a ways but is also fairly close to the highway oftentimes. The best option in my opinion is Elk Mountain/Kings Mountain. Starting at either Elk Mountain Campground or Kings Mountain Trailhead, summit either of the peaks and pick your campsite. There are a few remote sites on the on the loop, but I think it would be great to camp at the summit of Kings Mountain if the skys were clear. The loop of these two peaks, which also follows the wilson river trail at the base of the mountains, comes in about 11.5 miles. There is also an Elk Mountain/Elk Creek Loop which summits elk mountain and then goes to the headwaters of elk creek and follows it back out. That's at least 10 miles. Hope that helps.
Desert Flower
West of Portland is difficult for the backpacking thing -- even just for a short one.  If you're headed to Newport, you might want to look into Siuslaw National Forest as well -- which may have some additional options. 


I've always meant to explore the Cascade Head area (just north of Lincoln City) -- there may be some short trails there that may work.