child and dog friendly trails

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We are new to the Portland area and looking for a child/dog friendly trail for overnighters. Our little ones are just starting out so it needs to be 3 miles or less or stroller friendly. been searching but not having much luck on details> Any suggestions?

Hello Desert Flower,
Welcome to Portland!  I may not be the best source for child/dog friendly trails since I don't have either, but I may have some ideas.  While it will be some time before the snow melts out of the mountains, but my immediate thought was just to head up to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and wander along the Timberline Trail until you find a good spot to camp.   Good scenery, good trail, and fairly easy walking since the car did all of the hard work for you.  I would also look into the Olallie Lake Scenic Area, just north of Mt. Jefferson -- lots of lakes, easy trails, etc...

If you're looking for trails this time of year, it can be a bit tougher.  I would normally recommend the Gorge, but the hikes generally gain quite a bit of elevation, and there are often times cliffs that I would personally worry about a child with.