July Backpacking Trip - Olympic National Park

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I will be traveling to Northwest Washington for July and I would like to backpack in Olympic National Forest. My partner and I will be able to hike for about three to five days and would really like to see some of the unbeaten areas (if they exist) within Olympic National Park. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are in good health and in our 30's so I hope anything. In addition, we will be driving from Colorado, and I am wondering if someone could suggest a trail that might be easier to access with our drive.

Thank you all for your consideration.

From the Rockies.

That is an easy one:  go hike the Enchanted Valley!  There are a number of loops to make it into a 4-5 day hike.  Absolutely beautiful area with plenty of wildlife (bears are common - so bring a bear canister or rope to hang your food). 

Try to Google the hike, I am sure there will be write-ups for you to read.  You can PM me if you want more specifics.



**PS: Just so you are aware, Permits are required.  There is a Ranger Station the left side of the road (in the small town about 10 miles before the trailhead) if beginning the hike from the south end.