Advice on Minks, Cultus Many Lakes Area?

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I am looking for a good 3 night backpacking/fishing trip for my family and I and have narrowed it down in around this area.  I will be with a 9 and 12 year old and would like some good options or advice on where might be the best place to start and perhaps some good places to target to camp each night.  Planning on a morning start and then camping in a new spot for 3 nights coming out the 4th day. 

I was told Mink lake is a destination and there are plenty of options along the way but i am open to ideas.  Would look to camp by water that has fishing opportunities for me and the family.  Kids are fit and could likely hike several hours per day but not full day hikes each day.

Any feedback or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Thank you 

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