Spring Backpack camping trips?

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I am relatively new to the backpacking scene but I have always been an athlete and adventurous thrill seeking guy.  That said I have been researching the sisters mountains for great hike in camping options.  Last year, we went on a backpacking trip to Mink lake using Cultus lake as our trailhead.  The trip was 10 miles in and 10 miles out roundtrip.  I'm looking to do another trip like this in June with friends.  I am also curious about looping hikes where setting up camp a few nights in different places sounds ideal.

Any suggestions?  We are all in shape and capable of any hiking.

Thank you for looking.


A trip that I have been looking at for a while is just north of Waldo Lake, and may be snow-free early in June (at least if the current dry/warm pattern holds).  This trail does linger around 5,000', so you would have to check snow reports as we get closer (last year, it seems like the snow melted out at these elevations in late May).  Basically it would start at Taylor Burn Campground, drop into the Middle Fk Willamette River Valley, then up to Long Lake, Eddeeloe Lake, Round Lake, the northern end of Waldo Lake, and then circling back around past Lake Kiwa, Wahanna Lake, and back to the trailhead.  There are also a couple of alternate trails if you want to make it a longer trip.