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 I grew up in Eastern Washington and now live in Utah. The wife and I are trying to plan an fly fishing trip through OR this summer and am wondering where some good places are to go? Not really looking to fish the Deschutes or any other big water. I want to either drive offroad for a good ways and set a base camp out of my truck or have to hike 2-5 miles in to get to the fishing. Lakes are ok but really want to be on the rivers as much as possible. I have been told to chec out Metolious and Crooked river. We will be spending two weeks exploring OR. From the S.E. corner to hopefully the N.W. corner. Any ideas or suggestiong are greatly appreciated. 

 Hope you have a great trip. If you come through the Gorge I have 3 recommendations. Good quick day spot is Bikini Pond - Roweena nice stocked pond. Caught stocker trout from 8-25 inches on a variety of baits never been here and not caught fish. Day/overnight spot is Taylor Lake - The Dalles. Again stocker trout range 8-20 inch. Had many days skunked here but when the do bite they hit hard and are usually big. Lastly Camp Baldwin - Dufur OR. Never fished the lake here.