Family Backpack Trail Ideas-Central OR

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I am a father looking to put together our families first backpacking trip and would love some suggestions on locations / trails that would be good options.  

I have two children aged 10 and 12 and they love to fish too.  We would like to hike out of Central Oregon (sisters, Bend) etc. in july or august.  

Maybe 3 nights but given ages, hikes cant be too long and we want to move each night to a new lake that would offer fishing enroute and/or at the overnight.  We are trying to avoid places that have any boating, car access etc. but are instead looking for a wilderness experience.  

This is our wish list but understand it might not all be available.   

Welcome any feedback from those of you have have experience or suggestions for us to consider.  

Thanks in advance.  

Lake Paulina has great fishing to my knowledge (largest brown trout in Oregon history caught there).  The lake is stocked.  I'm not sure of the (overnight) backpacking opportunities or if renting a boat would be the best option for fishing, but the scenery is fantastic and there are many trails, including one that circles the lake (20 miles). The Obsidian Flow is a must see feature. You could look into the camping regulations.
Chris Howard
The southern Three Sisters Wilderness is probably ideal...the area is totally covered in lakes and the terrain isn't too rough.  There are trails criscrossing the entire area, so I'm sure you could find a trail that would suit your needs.  I'd probably suggest picking up a Three Sisters Trail map to find a good route.