backpacking clubs?

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I just moved to Corvallis from Norfolk, Virginia. I understand there are lots of outdoor opportunities here, especially for backpacking. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time finding any info on good thru hikes. Back in Virginia, there were a number of hiking/backpacking clubs as well as trail clubs. In fact, the AT is taken care of almost entirely by various local trail clubs, each tasked with maintaining a specific section of trail. These trail clubs were great resources for people that were unfamiliar with a section of trail because it allowed them to meet with people who regularly visited the trail. Does the PCT have any such local trail clubs? It seems odd to me for a region with such great outdoors opportunities to have almost no way for newcomers to learn about the trails in an organized environment.

I'm not sure if there are any located in Corvallis, but there are some hiking clubs throughout the valley:

The Mazamas is perhaps the biggest (they're located out of Portland I belive though):

There is also the Trails Club of Oregon

Chemeketans (Salem)

I'm not sure if the PCTA (the organization that oversees the PCT) has any organized meetups, but their website probably has more info: