Ice Lake/ Wallowas?

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First time on trailsNW and our first time going to the Wallawas. Love the discussions and descriptions found here! Anyone been to Ice Lake and the Matterhorn this August? How's the snow level? More importantly, would you recommend this hike for our anniversary celebration? We have only 3 days...have done extensive hiking/backpacking in Cascades and Olympics...I want new terrain, my husband want to be above tree line, on a peak at some point. Any other loop hike suggestions in the Wallowas, given our time restraints?

I'm sure you'll love it.  It is definitely a 'different terrain' over there in comparison to the Cascades and Olympics.
Thanks for your confirmation that this is a good choice, Forest. We are really pumped to try something new. Will post when when return.
Ice Lake is a great three day option, since you will likely have a full day at the lake to explore--it makes for a great base camp.  There are some surrounding peaks to hike up (although I haven't done them), like Sacajawea and the Matterhorn. 

PDXHiker was just up that way: log num=585&display user num=305