Canyon Creek Meadows/Three Fingered Jack Hike

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We did this hike yesterday, and ended up with really good conditions all day!  We started about 9am, in 75 degree conditions. There was a fair amount of wind, so the bugs were really kept at bay. We did "deet up" though, which I'm glad for.   The wildflowers were spectacular in the lower meadows. We also hiked up the little shag trail from the upper meadow to the glacial looking lake at the base of the mountain, something I would highly recommend to everyone going on this hike!

Looks like I should check the message board more often...sorry for the delayed response.  Yes, this is part of the area that was heavily burned several years ago, but for the most part (I will post photos later this weekend), the burned areas were at the beginning and end of our hike. The meadows themselves didn't seem to have suffered in the fire, their trees are still green and healthy.  In the areas that were burned, there is a lot of regrowth, which is great to see.   I'm not sure that I have many pics of the burned areas, I focused more on our intended destination, but I will post some of what I got.

Thanks for the report.  As I recall, this area was heavily burned several years ago from the B and B the forest still intact, or are the trees burned?