Best Mtn Range in NW

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I'm curious to see what everyone thinks is the best mountain range in the Northwest. It doesn't have to be the big ones like the Cascades or Olympics, don't forget the smaller ones like the Selkirks, Siskyous, Ochocos, etc...

The Selkirks are fantastic. You are completely removed from the west-side weekend warriors -- too far away for most people to visit. The weather is quite reliable. Lots of wildlife. Loads of peaks to climb. Metaline Falls is one of the greatest little towns in Washington. Check out the Washington Hotel if you need a place to stay for the night -- former logger/miner bunkhouse and mess hall.
Wallowas. Without a doubt.
The Wallowa Mountains are incredible and are the best mountains in the NW.
The Olympics. They rise so quickly from the ocean. They are particularly impressive from Port Angeles.
The Wallowas are the best. They are just beautiful mountains, reminiscent of the Sierra Nevadas (which may be the most beautiful in the US)
The North Cascades are definitely the best mountain range. There is so much hiking territory and its all wilder than any other area of the Northwest.
While all of the above mentioned ranges are nice, there is nothing else quite like the cascades. The majestic singlular volcanic peaks are more spectacular than any other range. And here is another question, not only what is your favorite mtn range but what is your favorite peak? Mine is probably Mount Jefferson.
I guess I should offer my favorite. I actually like the Ochoco Mountains. They aren't the tallest, or the most spectacular, but they are very quiet and pleasant. If you get there at the right time, the forest floor is covered with green grass, the ponderosa pines are beautiful, and generally the weather is great.
Thats a real tough question. The different ranges are all varied and have there own qualities that make them unique. I love the Olympics, and the Cascades, but I would still have to say that the Wallowa Mountains are my favorites. High Granite peaks, beautiful lakes, pleasant meadows, and miles and miles of trails which can be combined into a variety of loop trips are just a few reasons why it is such a great range. There is also something about being far away from metro areas that makes them seem a little more remote and adventurous than other ranges.
The Olympics are my favorite range. The valleys and forests are amazing, the peaks are awesome, and most of the range is very accessible.