any icicle creek area trail suggestions?

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 Heading over to leavenworth and the icicle creek area for some camping and day hikes.  I'm not familiar with the trails in that area.  we love to get up to and above tree line into the alpine lake zone.  Anybody have any suggestions for a there and back 8 to 16 mile hike that originates somewhere within the icicle creek area?

Enchantments will be Phenominal! if you start from the snow lakes trail head you can do a sweet 16 mile round trip to upper snow lake and back, its up hill but not too steep.
Or you can go to the colchuck lake trail head and do an 8 mile BEAUTIFUL hike to Colchuck lake and look up at the enchantment peaks!

You will be in the enchantments area.  One of the most desireable spots in the Washington Cascades.  You have to put in for a backcountry overnight permit, but you can day hike your heart out.