wonderland trail conditions.

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 Anybody been hiking the east side trails of Mt. Rainier lately?  Specifically glacier basin, frying pan creek to panhandle gap etc..  I'm Hoping to get out on the trails there the last week of August.  Some current trail information would be much appreciated.  The Park Service trail report hasn't been updated in weeks.  They must be busy still digging out from La Nina. 

Thanks,  Scott G

 Thanks for the reply PDXhiker.  I ran into a guide for Mountain Accents last night and he confirmed my hunch about the condition of the higher trails this summer.  THEY ARE SNOW COVERED!  I guess hiking the higher trails of Mt. Rainier is out this year.  It's a bit heart breaking because the trails on the east flank of Mt. Rainier are probably my favorite place to escape and recharge.  

I guess I'll have to get creative and find another get away camping base with great day hikes near by.  Maybe the Salmon La Sac/Mt. Daniels area.
Haven't been there personally, but I think the east side still has a lot of snow.  The forest service keeps their conditions site pretty up-to-date, and they're saying to not expect a melt-out until late August.  They're saying the snow line is 4800' - 5000', and to expect 100% snow coverage over 5000' feet.