Lostine Loop Vs. Wallowa River Loop

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It looks like the Wallowas might be snow free enough to do starting the first weekend of August.  We're looking at Doug Lorain's book, and have narrowed it down to either the Lostine-Minam Loop (#20) or the Wallowa River Loop (#21).  We've never done either one, and can't decide which to do (all things being equal). 

Anyone care to share your thoughts as to which you prefer and why?

The area around the minam river has been snow free for awhile.  Call the ranger and talk to them about the NW area of Eagle Cap.   There are plenty of loop options. 
You know, I think we might just do the Rogue River.  I did it about 8 years ago, but none of the other 4 guys going on our trip have been there.  No snow, the right mileage, scenic river, swimming, no retracing our steps, reasonble drive from Portland and I don't think it will be too hot.   This might be the way to go.  I hated the shuttle drive when I did it last time, so I think hiring someone to do that part sounds pretty good.  I'm still keeping my eye out for other trails but we might be heading to Southern Oregon.  I'm still open to suggestions if anyone has them. 
Unfortunately, the more I check conditions, the more I hear things are under snow. 

For beauty, I'd still be looking at something in the Olympics.  Because the high country isn't open yet, though, I think you're probably still stuck with an out and back.  The Hoh would be great, as would Enchanted Valley.  They have the advantage of being close to Portland, so you wouldn't spend the majority of your trip just getting to the trailhead.

Another really cool trip is the Rogue River.  We did it a few years ago in the autumn, so I'm not sure how it would be this time of year, although I'm sure it'll be snow free.  We had one of the companies listed in Lorain's book shuttle our car for $50, so we were able to hike it one-way. 
So now that our inital plan is out, what is snow free at this time and rivals the Wallowas in beauty?  We're going this upcoming weekend (7/29-8/2) Friday night until Tuesday and leaving from Portland.  We'd love a loop.  We also would like to do some lake swimming and fishing but it's not a deal breaker.  Any suggestions?  I heard people mention the Enchanted Valley but I don't love that it's an in and out hike.  I also saw a mention of the High Divide but I think we determined that was covered in snow too.  Has anyone done the Diamond Peak Loop from Lorrain's book?  I haven't called about snow there yet.  Would really appreciate another suggestion or two in the 30-40 mile range.  Thanks.

Thanks for the info.

~ Sigh ~ What a year!
We were hoping to a hybrid trip from Lorrain's book going up the east fork of the Lostine from Two Pan campground, around the Lakes Basin and back down the west fork of the Lostine back to the car.  However, I just called the Eagle Cap Ranger District today (7/22) and they said you can only get to three lakes up there and that the snow won't melt off in the next week. 

I would do the Wallowa River Loop.  I'm not sure of his exact routes, but the mountains along the West Fk Wallowa River are more rugged and spectacular than along the Lostine River and around Minam Lake.  Glacier Lake is probably my favorite area that I have been to in the Wallowas.