backing trip in mid august

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Any suggestions on a backpacking trip for 3-5 days in the Pacific Northwest?  Is snow still a concern?  There will be three of us and we are experienced backpackers.

Thanks :) 

Take this entirely with a grain of salt, I've been frustrated a few times by snow this season :) (and am not an experienced backpacker... yet! :) )

I wouldn't expect to see much of any snow left except at quite high elevations by August. As for destinations, I don't know anything about Washington. If you can get to them I'd say the Wallowas in northeastern Oregon, or maybe something in Ranier.

Something I'm planning on doing in early August (perhaps) is a loop around the Three Sisters, which in its short form looks like it'll be about 55 miles. If you had some extra time (I'm planning on taking at least a straight week for this), I think it'd be really fun to backpack a loop around them, and then summit at least one. South Sister is a popular choice for scrambling, not technical, just grueling :)