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Hey Everyone,

I'm hoping for a recommendation.  I am looking for a 3-4 day hike of intermediate or less skill level.  My wife and I are planning on coming to the NW during the week of Aug 20-27.
I have spent a great deal of time hiking in British Columbia and the Olympics area in WA.  I was thinking of a hike somewhere in Oregon or Idaho/Montana area.  I've never seen either of those places.  I am a bit worried b/c I'm planning this last minute and I'm not sure what limitations I will face.

Preferably , a hike with some good climbs, we would both be very happy.

Thanks for any tips.

If your headed out that late in the year then I would suggest either the Three Sisters Mountain range or maybe the Wallowas. The Three Sisters loop you can find in "Backpacking Oregon" by Lorain Douglas, and If its elevation your looking for then the Wallowa Lake loop has some high points with great views.  both are between 35 and 40 (ish) miles.
With that lenth of time, what I'd do is base camp into Park Meadows in the Three Sisters Wilderness and day hike from there, maybe move camp once.
Hmmm 3-4 probably want a loop trip

What about in the cascades area of WA? There is a lot around Glacier Peak, and people do a 40ish mile loop going by Lyman lakes and over Spider Gap. Really nice area with lakes, mountain views, wildlife, and close up glaciers. Another good loop is the Enchantments near Leavenworth, but you would have to get one of the daily lotto permits the morning of, so not very likely. Also the North Cascades Highway (hwy 20) is amazing, awesome peaks all around. Day hiking or backpacking opportunities abound up there. Lots of it is in National Park, but plenty on the east and west side that are not in the park (easier to wing it for campsites).

You said you've done some stuff in the Olympics. Have you been on the High Divide trail? Great loop, tons of wildlife and big mountain views looking across to Olympus. Lots of little lakes up there to enjoy too. You can call up to a month ahead of time and reserve campsites.

Glacier National Park in Montana is amazing if you have the time. I'm going late August for a 5 night loop trip. Half of the backcountry sites are reserved ahead of time, with the other half issued the day of. If you just show up you could easily do some epic day hikes or get a backcoutry permit for that night. Beautiful lakes, monstrous peaks, and tons of wildlife here. They even have a shuttle service along the Going to the Sun road so you can do a lot of hikes one way and ride back to your car. Just not very close to any cities (Calgary is the closest i believe).