Backpacking Hammocks

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I have been doing a ton of scanning on the forums and I have not yet to see any1 talk about a hammock. I bought 1 but have only been on a couple small trips and used it for road camping w/ big groups of friends. Is this not the most practical way to do a little more intense backpacking? I sure sleep like a baby at night in it though.. 

 What exactly do you use for your rain cover on your hammock. Mine did not come with 1 (grand trunk skeeter beeter pro) right now i have 2 ten footprints that barly works and i would like to get it down to one. I am trying to avoid a normal tarp because they dont back down very small and are very loud. We just went to the beech for a couple days to test out some more gear on a car camping trip and got rained on teh whole time. I now know my system must change lol.
I am a hammock backpacker and yes it seems to be the most practicle to me.  Hammocks are big in the ultra-light world and those who make there own gear.   There are obvious limitations to a hammock (lack of trees).  I pack a light weight tarp that I can fasion into an A-frame shelter for trips where trees are a bit scarce.  I think we will see hammocks evolve and become more o fa standard in the backpacking world.