Backpacking @ fishing?

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  Im just getting into backpacking with some friends, and we are all avid fishermen. Im wondering if any1 hikes with fishing gear (fly & or spin) with minimal tackle. Can you even find fish in most the streams/lakes you come accrossed? I know for sure we will be doing mirror lake and shining lake on mt just for some fun easy fishing hikes any1 have any better ideas or is this some what of a lost cause 

 Try the St Joe river in Idaho.  It's a gorgeous area that's world renowned for fly fishing (single barbless hooks, catch & release fly fishing only).  The upper Joe trail goes for something like 26 miles with many camping opportunities.  Depending on which route you take, many river fords may be required & it can be a little fast in places.  I'm  planning a trip there again in the next week.  One drawback is you are guaranteed to bump into other hikers.  Enjoy!
Backpacking allows access to many seldomly fished streams and lakes.  Some of the best trout fishing in my life have been on wilderness backpacks.  I've found that the high mountain lakes, get hot late in the summer.  As with anything backpacking, keep it minimal.