Wanless Lake Trail & Horses

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Forrest"  We sometimes take our horses instead of hiking.  Is the Wanless Lake trail good enough and wide enough for horses?  

Tackle Box Pass was given it's name for a guide's horse, carring fishing tackle, who took a fatal fall down the east face of the pass.  I'm not sure if that says anything about the trail being horse worthy. I hiked it late june when the pass was still snowed in.  The east side of the pass is very steep, but there are switchbacks.  I would think it depends on the horse.  You may consider taking swamp creek to buck lake and then hiking off trail to Wanless.
It has been quite a long time since I've been up there -- I remember it being narrow and pretty steep in areas.  I am also not a horseback rider, so I'm probably not too much help here!