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 I am planning a backpacking trip with a newbish group including children as young as 6. We recently did a dayhike of an 8 mile loop at opal creek with no problems. Not so sure about very steep or difficult miles though. The trip will be two nights three days. I was thinking perhaps opal creek again but am looking for other ideas as well. Anywhere in oregon is on the table.

Got my permits and we are all set for pamelia lake this weekend. Anybody been up around there recently? I am wondering how cold it will be at night, or any other info on how that place is looking as of late? And thanks for the ideas BTW :)
Indian Heaven has a number of places you can get to without too much effort.  It's Washington, but it's pretty close to the Portland area.

Another fine Washington area is the Trapper Creek wilderness.  You can get into some great areas to camp just a flat 1.5 miles from the trailhead.  Washington again, but very close.  This might work really well if you're planning to go soon, as the snow is definitely gone from that area.
Around Opal creek and the Bull of the Woods area would offer some good options.  I also was thinking of the numerous lakes in the southern Three Sisters Wilderness (although I would imagine the mosquitos are quite dreadful there).

One of my favorites as a young backpacker was Pamelia Lake on the western side of Mt. Jefferson.  Short, easy hike, but some good exploration up to HuntsCove and perhaps the Pacific Crest Trail for some good views of Mt. Jefferson.

The Matthieu Lakes on the north side of the North Sister offers great views, interesting lava flows, and a couple options for side trips and plenty of exploration.