Wallowas/Hell\'s Canyon

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Hi all,
I'm moving back east in early August with the ol' pickup and am hoping to spend a few days in the Wallowas and/or Hell's Canyon and a few days in Glacier NP.
Does anyone have advice as to what I hikes I should do?
BTW Forest, I believe you know my coworker Shem Harding. He recommended your site and I'm glad he did.

 Cool, thanks for the advice, y'all. Time for a little research.
Hello Frazier,
I'm glad you're finding the website useful.  I haven't talked to Shem in quite some time -- I need to thank him for helping to publicize the site -- I know he's referred it to a couple people.

The Wallowas are spectacular.  Adam is right, anything through Lakes Basin is great.  One of my favorites is hiking the W. Fork of the Wallowa River to Glacier Lake, hiking over Glacier Pass into Lakes Basin, and back to the W. Fork Wallowa River.  While not as spectacular, looping up the Lostine River to Minam Lake to Lakes Basin, and back down the E. Fork Lostine River is also good.  The Wallowas have numerous great loop trips -- you honestly can't really go wrong.

I've only done dayhikes in Glacier, so I'm probably not too much help there.
Hat point/ Freezeout Saddle on the Oregon side, but much of Hells Canyon will be very hot in August.  August is good time to visit the Seven Devils in Idaho.  As or the Wallowas, anything around the lakes basin area is ideal.  I like an eastern approach around the Imnaha river.  It is tough to go wrong in Glacier.  However; August will be around peak season and finding available backcountry campsites may be difficult.  Contact the park.  I've only dayhiked in Glacier, but was more fond of the eastern side of the park.