Hiking Mt.Jefferson

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We have been planning this trip from last year.....Hiking Mt Jeff....We Hiking from Olallie Lake ( OMG the Masquitoes Sucked ASS.....) to Brighten Bush but then we had some Mechanical problems, we only were able to do about 14 miles and one night....So we hope the wether will be ok this July....we are setting of July 3rd hope to make it in 4-5 days....If this plan does not go we are on to plan B than we are doing the Olypmics.....Can anyone let us know of a 5 dayer in to Olympics that can take us from the Mt's to the Beaches...? Any help would be PERFECT....Thanks
S & B

I don't believe there is a trail in the Olympics that connects both the beaches and the mountains, although I have for a long time thought that something like this would make for a great trail.  There is a pretty big expanse of land between the coast and the higher peaks and no real wilderness between.  I'm sure I could be done by connecting old logging roads, not be the most scenic, but still could be pretty cool.