Short, awesome hikes

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My family will be visiting next month from back east, and I’m looking for a relatively easy hike to take them on, nothing more than five or six miles. I’m hoping to find something within an hour or so of Portland and so far I’m thinking of doing the Eagle Creek Trail or going out to the coast and doing the Drift Creek Falls trail, or any other little trips out there. I would appreciate any input on which direction I should go, or if there are any other trails I should use to show off the northwest.

A trip to the coast may be pretty great. There are several shorter hikes that may appeal to more novice hikers, such as Cape Lookout or Tillamook Head in addition to Drift Creek Falls. It could make for a great weekend. Get a hotel in Lincoln City or Seaside and do sevaral small hikes around the area.
If its a choice between the two, I'd hit Eagle Creek. You might also look at Silver Falls though. It is very, very impressive this time of year.