Ideas: Wash. Backpacking Options This Wknd?

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I've seen a couple other posts on this topic.  I'm looking for backpacking options in Washington State for this weekend.

I know Ingalls & Duckabush are possible options given their low elevation.

Any other ideas out there?

I'm not looking to camp in the snow which certainly rules out many options this year.  <sigh>

You might want to look into the Dungeness River as well.  I've only done a small piece of it, a long time ago, but I know it stays pretty low elevation and stays out of the National Park for quite a distance.
Thanks for the tips!

I'm taking my dog so sadly Enchanted Valley is off the list.  Do you know of any other good valley/low elev areas around the Olympics?

Duckabush has always been my old stand by.
 I did the Olympic Coast at this time last year. Hiking poles and tide charts are mandatory. 
The Olympics are a good option.  We did the Enchanted Valley several years ago for Memorial Day weekend and it was spectacular, made it to the "valley" without any issues, and only hit snow a mile or so past the ranger station.  I would think most of the valleys up the Olympics would probably be fine this time of year.  The Olympic Coast could also be great depending on the weather.