Help: Memorial Weekend Backpacking

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 Title explains it all. I need help/ideas on a good place to go backpacking for memorial weekend (may 27-30). Trying to avoid snow but since still in spring I understand if thats not possible. Go to school in Eugene but orignally from Montana so not familar with the many backpacking options offered by Oregon. Some suggestions on a good backpacking trip would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

 I've been looking at the Kalmiopsis area also. I've talked to a couple people down there and they said that many of the high routes still have snow, which is unusual this time of year. We looked at doing the Rogue also and the shuttle was going to take the long way around to pick us up because of excessive snow.

Wenaha River is where we are headed.

Have a good weekend everyone!
The Kalmiopsis is a large wilderness area in Siskiyou National Forest.  I've never been there, but have always been intrigued.    There could be quite a few different options there, but I honestly know very little about the area.  I do know that there was a huge fire that hit the area several years ago, so I'm not sure how this affected the hiking options.  You might want to check out the Siskiyou National Forest website.

The Rogue River is a great hike as well this time of year.

 Southern Oregon was kind of what I had in mind! How would I get to  Kalmiopsis? And do you have any details about the hike?
Wenaha and Hells Canyon both sound great.  I've been looking more and more into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness in southern Oregon (not that I'll be getting out this Memorial Day...have family visiting which is great(?) but I'll be ready for the next long weekend).  Anyone done anything down that way?  The Kalmiopsis may also be a good option for you hurricanehiker.
 Where is everyone backpacking for Memorial Day weekend? 

A friend and I are locking in our trip today. It appears we are going to head east. 

Wenaha River Trail or Hells Canyon. 
 Length of the drive won't be a problem. Will be able to leave Eugene by 2 so if could get to the place before dark would make it much easier to set up camp. Would prefer to do a loop hike too if possible! 
It is very possible to avoid snow.  How far are you willing to drive?