the perfect jerky

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Does anytrailsnw body know anything about dehydrating? I took my first stab at beef jerky today, and want to know if anyone has any secrets for the perfect turkey or fish anygood? I have not had any luck with Bananas do you get them to be "chips"?

 Dehydrated fish? I must know i have never even herd of somthing like this. As far as the other things go I have had a great time doing it all. Jerky i preffer more of a worcestershire pepper mix to let it marinade in. (garlic pepper soysauce anything u prefer to give it a little zing). You need to make sure that you cut the meat the right way cutting all the fibers to make it not to chewy. As far as banannas, tomatoes, prunes, all i have done is slice them thin and let them dehydrate. My dehydrator is very old so not sure how long newer ones take but it can take a couple days for things like jerky, rotate racks and such, bananas i think only about 1 day. Feel free to msg me ill actually dig out the recipie I use for things like that. (i use deer/elk alot that makes a huge diff.) but u kinda gotta hunt for that specialty :)