Backpacking this weekend, Need location advic

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A small group of us are backpacking this Friday May 20th-22.  We are out of salem and would like to find a hike we can do in those couple days.  We will probably not be able to roll out of Salem until 3pm.  If we drive for 2 hours, that only gives us a few hours to hike to a camping location.

I have looked at the gorge, Breitenbush, and the Zig Zag mts area.  Not sure what the snow levels are like right .



 @ Adam.. thank you for the note on Mill Creek Wilderness. I'll have to check it out sometime. 
Have you looked at Mill Creek Wilderness?  The drive is a bit further.  2.5-3 hours.  I backpacked there about 6 years ago, this time of year.  There were only patches of snow at the highest elevations.  If I remember right, there was a nice camp at about 3.5 miles, but you have to cross the creek a few times to get there.  We base camped and then did an off trail dayhike up desolation canyon and then looped back via the twin pillars trail.  I would think you could pack your weight in morel mushrooms out of there right now.  i would also think you could get up opal creek right now, in the Opal Creek Wilderness.  Or, there is a new BLM wilderness out of bend called the Oregon Badlands Wilderness.  Dry, but it could be an interesting area.  Just some thoughts.
From what I've seen snow levels are still surprisingly low.  I'd just about count on snow above 3500', and I think it's a safe bet that there's still quite a bit of snow on Benson Plateau.

We were on Herman Creek last weekend, and didn't run into snow as far as we went - 3000'.  Others said pretty constant snow started shortly after that.

I think Eagle Creek should be OK.  Another possibility is the Salmon River near Mt. Hood.  I saw a trip report that indicated that was snow-free, and it's a beautiful area.
The Snotel Site generally has good information to help gauge snow conditions: sitemap.html

I generally look up areas near where I am going and at about the same elevation.  They have a listing of snow depths taken daily -- it's really a great resource.

Eagle Creek just requires a Forest Park Pass, it will be busy, but is a great trail.  You may be able to get far enough out though if you are starting on Friday to get past most of the people.
I Have never done Eagle Creek.  Do I need a special pass for it?  Is it going to be really busy this weekend.  Is it worth it, or should I go to herman creek.  Can we get to benson plateau yet?
Any info on the snow elevations.  Some of my other thoughts are:

Either Cast Lake or Burndt Lake.  They seem to be 4000-4400 ft


A little higher at 4800-5000.   The lakes around Ollalie Lake

Im thinking of taking a scouting drive up there to see what the snoe levels look like.
I'm not entirely sure...I want to say that it has been replaced, but it's been a while since I've been up there. 
Thanks,  Is the bridge still gone or has it been replaced?
Your best bet right now is probably the Gorge, since snow elevation in the Cascades is still pretty low -- I would imagine anything out of Salem would still be pretty inaccessible.    Perhaps something like Horsetail/Triple Falls.  I know there is at least one nice campsite past Triple Falls, and I'm sure you could find more, which would only be a couple of miles in, and then you could explore further up the valley over the next couple of days.  There is always Herman Creek, which I feel like I suggest to everyone, but it's a decent early season hike.