Hiking Guide Book recommendations

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For hiking the great northwest, Forrest and I heavily use our "hiking bible" -  Foghorn Outdoors Pacific Northwest Hiking. It doesn't always have the most detailed descriptions, but we leave it in our car so we are always able to find a trail when we're out and about (or a backup when our first trail doesn't work out).

What are your favorite "go to" hiking guide books when searching for information to plan your next hike?

I recently purchased "One Night Wilderness - Portland" by Douglas Lorain. It's the perfect book for me, a busy professional that wants to get out into the wilderness, but can only spare a day or two maybe once a month. The information is very well organized and it's just plain fun to browse through and dream of the next trip.

For the past decade I've used the internet to gather most of the information I need for trips and vacations, and the idea of buying an old-school paperback book seemed a bit limiting. This book, however, beats anything I've found on the internet (trailsNW is a close second!).

I would definitely agree with the recommendations for Sullivan and Lorrain.  I use their books quite frequently.  I grew up using Sullivan's "100 Hikes in Northwest Oregon", and it probably had quite a bit to do with developing my strong interest in hiking and backpacking.
 Doug Lorrain provides great directions and trail outlines. 
Can't beat anything by William Sullivan or Doug Lorrain.  Our "hiking bible" is Sullivan's "Red Book," although we've been using Lorrain's "Afoot and Afield" more & more lately to come up with some more unusual hikes.