PCT Jefferson Wilderness

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My BF and I are hoping to hike a 39 mile stretch of the PCT from Hoodoo to Breitenbush lake. I have been trying to find maps but having any luck does anyone have suggestions?

Also any advice on this stretch of trail or info on your hike would be greatly appriceated!


There is a pretty high quality 'Mt. Jefferson Wilderness' map that should have your entire stretch covered.  I would think REI and most other outdoor stores would have it.  I can't remember the company that makes it (it's currently somewhere buried under boxes in my storage unit, so it will probably be a few years before I'll see it again).  If you're going to do more hiking, I would look at getting the TOPO! program, which has all of the topo maps for Oregon.

That stretch of trail is fantastic, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it!