Snow in the Gorge?

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Did anyone hike in the Gorge this weekend (4/16 - 4/17).  If you did, did you encounter snow, and if so, at what elevation?

2011-05-27:  Lots of snow on Benson Plateau still.  There's about 6 - 12" at Ruckle Creek, but it gets progressively deeper as one heads into the plateau area -- maybe 4 or 5 feet.  Oh, and it snowed while were there, too. 

There's also complete snow coverage along the section of the PCT between Cascade Locks & Benson Plateau at 3400' and above.
 I hiked Nesmith Point on Sunday and encountered snow at 3500'. I turned around after continuing on a little bit. 

Snow level update for 2011-05-21:  We did the Wyath trail today.  We started hitting snowy patches on the trail at 3400.  The trail was completely buried at the plateau at 3800'.  There was about 6" of snow where the trail topped out (~ 4.75miles?) but was 3' deep by the time we hit the junction at 5.1 miles. 

Snow level update:   We did the Nick Eaton trail up to the second cut-off to Gorton Creek on Sunday 5/15.  Almost all of the trail is snow-free.  There was about a foot of soft snow in a couple of open areas on the cutoff trail, but that was it.
Thanks, DiamondGreg - I've been itching to do that loop for some time now, but it sounds like we still need to wait.  (We'll have to do it clockwise, as I'm a little intimidated by the thought of going down Ruckle Ridge!)

We also hit non-stop snow at 2700' up at Hardy Ridge (east side).  Fortunately it was mushy and therefore navigable. 

I attempted the Eagle Creek - Benson Plateau loop on Friday 4/22.

Began encountering snow at 2,800 feet, was able to continue ascending to 3,300 when the snow became dangerously deep and the trail was completely obscured.
Oh I shoud have gone there.....