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Hey, I'm looking for a scenic hike to do in late march... preferably in the nw or northern california, of moderate to difficult intensity. Loop trips are ideal but anything accessible to backpackers will do. Would appreciate any suggestions. :)

I have done the Rogue River trail in early spring, and it was great. It is not a loop but it is a very nice hike and there are shuttle services avaliable, but at a price.
What kind of scenery are you looking for (i.e. mountains, desert, forest, coastal)?
Late march is a rough time for finding longer hikes, due to the snow levels. Its even tougher to find a loop trip. One option that would probably work would be to do a loop trip in the Columbia River Gorge, east of Portland. You could hike up the very impressive Eagle Creek Trail to Wahtum Lake, then cross over Waucoma Ridge (el. 4000 feet, so that is the only place I’d be worried about snow) and drop down into the Herman Creek Valley, and return to the Eagle Creek Trail via the Gorge Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. I guess it would actually be a better trip to do it in the reverse direction of how I described it above, so that you finish with the beautiful Eagle Creek Trail.