Training hikes

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Several years ago a friend of a friend said the Mazamas defined a "training hike" as one that was at least 8 miles round trip and 3000' of elevation gain.

So what's your favorite training hike?  I'm particularly looking for ones that open up in the early season.  I think it'll be particularly difficult this year with the late, cool, wet spring we're having.

Thanks for the tips, Forrest.  This late-season snow is killing me, though.  Snow levels are supposed to be down at 2000' all next week. Sheesh!  I've got a bunch of trails that are supposed to be open in April, but I'm starting to wonder.
A good training hike that immediately comes to mind is the Eagle Creek / Benson Plateau loop hike.  According to TOPO!, its about 14.5 miles and 7,500' of elevation gain.

I've only done it once, which was probably enough, but it was a great hike!

Another good option may be Nick Eaton Ridge.  I think every time I've attempted it, I've had to turn back due to snow (but I'm pretty bad about trying trails too early!).  Head out the Herman Creek Trail, hike up to the top of the ridge, and loop back down through Herman Creek.   (approx 10 miles, 4,760' elevation gain).