Need help planning the perfect hiking trip!

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I need help finding the perfect hiking/camping trail.  I use to do major hiking and camping a few years ago, but my guy friend always planned the trips, so I don't really know where to begin to find the perfect trip.

Perfect trip would include:

2 night stay with atleast one of those days like this:

-Starting out in a forest type atmosphere, maybe along a river, but not through it.
-Hiking up to a mountain peak by lunch.  Medium difficulty.
-Hiking back down to a gorgeous lake to fish.

Any suggestions?  I live in the Portland Metro Area, thx!  Oh, and I don't want the area to be very crowded either :)

Perhaps another comment or two from me:

If you are looking for Alpine Lakes, I experience is similar to Forest's insights.  I often hike around Mt. Rainier (Goat Rocks area), so if you are interested, there is an easy 2-3 day through hike from Hwy 410 (Chinook Pass) to Steven's Pass.  There are numerous little lakes along the way with fishing opportunities.  I have personally fished in many.  Watch for mosquitos near Dumbell Lake (that area) until late summer.  However, with mosquitos - comes nice fishing. 

Greenwater Lakes area is usually pretty clear from snow (or at least to the lakes) all year round.  As you continue beyond the lakes (a couple more miles) the snow becomes prevalent.  However, it is a nice day hike with various campsites around the lakes. 

I will also concur with the TOPO Maps from Ntl. Geographic.  I have spent hours (yea, literally hours) planning routes and then down-loading the trail onto my GPS.  

My advice is "Just Go!"  Pick an area and head out.   Have fun!  

Unfortunately I don't really fish, so I'll have to defer to others for information on that.  I hate to suggest Jefferson Park since its pretty popular, but its an amazing area, and could potentially fit your description pretty well.  I really like the Goat Rocks, which are pretty close -- but other than Packwood Lake, I can only think of Goat Lake -- which doesn't melt out until August generally. 

The Indian Heaven Wilderness has lots of great lakes, and from what I hear, good fishing.  It isn't really 'spectacular' alpine mountain country, but some higher peaks in the area offer good views of Mt. Adams and the rest of the Cascades.  The Bull of the Woods Wilderness east of Salem also has quite a few lakes and nice valleys. 

The Topo! Program will probably help you quite a bit with your trip planning.  I spend many rainy winter and spring afternoons zooming around the topo maps finding new areas and planning dream trips.  They're a bit expensive, but well worth it.
If you are looking for a shorter (say 4 miles or less) then you might try Packwood Lake.  Flat easy hike to the lake and then you can take day trips from the base/lake.  Fishing is not bad there either.  It should be clear by late May/early June (depending upon the snow accumulation in the next couple of months...)

Olympics have a number of lower altitude hikes.  You could always go to Ozette Lake (northwest area on the Peninsula) - it is a camp ground at the Lake, however, you can take the 3 mile hike to the Ocean and camp at various spots there as well.  Not sure of how populated the camp ground would be this time of the year... I cannot imagine there would be many people.  Might be a nice way to get back into camping/hiking.  Not sure of the fishing at the Lake.

Cheers and have fun!
I was just reading your trail description on High Divide in the Olympic Mountains.  That location sounds amazing!

Well, my last hiking trip was at Eagle Cap in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.  I can't get that trip out of my head and I want to do someting like that again.  Maybe a 2-3 day hike with forests, rivers, lakes and atleast hiking to the top of a mountain atleast once. 

I would totally consider driving for 8 hrs, but if there are equally good locations closer that's even better!  Oh, I am not that experienced "planning" a hiking/camping trip on my own so I am starting my research early.  I figured I was going to hike in July or August.

I could use any kind of help :)  Thx Forrest!
When will you be going on your trip and how far are you willing to drive?  There are some great options in the Olympic mountains or Wallowas (7 or 8 hr drive), and some good options a little closer in the Goat Rocks Wilderness and around Mt. St. Helens.  Most won't be accessible until July however, so if you are going sooner, it may be more difficult to find perfection!