Is June summer?

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Hi everyone,
 I live in Texas where June is DEFINITELY summer. I would like to come explore some of the wonderful trails it looks like you have up there, and I am planning a trip in the middle of June. Is that too early for some of the better trails? I was looking at High Divide and Goat Lake for example. Are those still snowed in or really muddy at that time? I'm looking to do a three night backpacking trip. Thanks for any help you can offer. Will M. Austin, TX

Thanks Forrest. I really appreciate all your posts on this site as well. Very helpful.
Generally not in the mountains.  I wouldn't expect High Divide or Goat Lake to be free of snow until the middle of July.  You could however do some trails in the Olympic Mountains if you stay more in the valleys (Enchanted Valley, Hoh River).  June typically has good weather.  On the western side of the cascades, it will stay overcast in the mornings, but usually breaks into sun for the afternoons.  If you do a trail east of the Cascades, it will be sunny all day and probably a bit warmer.