Wallowa backpack trip with teens

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 I would like to introduce my husband and preteen/teen kids to backpacking via a 3-4 night trip starting from Wallowa Lake and including an opportunity to summit Eagle Cap.  In my perfect (imaginary) trip, we would not necessarily move every day but would spend one or more days at a "base camp" and explore via day hikes.  All are fairly fit and have hiking and camping experience (just no multi-day back trips), but, of course, kids don't tend to have the mental toughness to push on when tired that adults do. Any suggested routes or guidebooks?

Check out the Two Pan Trailhead on the East Lostine River.  It is a one day hike to the Lakes Basin area from there (approx. 7.3 miles).  Access to the trailhead is on the Lostine River Road  which is south of the town of Lostine. 
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Obviously, I will need to look at this on a good map and will definitely check out the book you recommend.  However, is the Lakes Basin a day from Wallowa Lake trailhead?  Or should we plan on two days to get there?  

Also, is it pretty cold up there at night?  We are thinking of going in late July.
Your trip sounds like fun (of course I think you'll be waiting until next summer to give it a try).  Just head out the West Fork of the Wallowa River, find a campsite in Lakes Basin, and you'll have plenty of opportunities for exploration, including Eagle Cap, Glacier Lake, and Razz Lake. 

Lakes Basin does get pretty crowded, so if possible, I would head out on a weekday to avoid any crowds. 

There is a "Hiking the Eagle Cap Wilderness" book that is quite good, and should give you plenty of options.