November Backpacking

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I'm 51 and have been shedding weight and getting in shape, and would like to start backpacking. My last overnight backpack was more than 30 years ago. I've collected some fairly decent wet weather gear and can handle overnight temps down to freezing or a bit below. I'd like to start with one-night trips, no more than 10 miles in, 10 out. I'm looking through the trail maps, but I thought I would get suggestions from the more experienced hikers. Thanks! 

 Thanks. I'll post a report after my trip.
I'm not sure how far you're looking to get out, but its probably a pretty good option for an early season hike.  Badger Lake will still likely be snowed over, but you could just go until you hit snow. 
 I read a bit about Badger Creek out by Wamic. It sounds like it might be a good winter backpack, maybe early March or late February. Any thoughts?
 Hi Forrest,

I'm in Portland and will drive up to 3 hours, maybe longer for a very special place.

Unfortunately my new gear sits collecting dust while every weekend between now and 2011 has been committed to one thing and another. Man, it's hard to get free time. January and February will probably be too cold, and I'd probably rather go skiing anyway, assuming some free time comes my way.

So now I guess I'm looking for good places to go in March/April. sigh.

- Kendall
Hello kendalla.  Welcome back to backpacking!  Where are you located and how long are you willing to drive to reach a trailhead?