2-3 night backpacking trip in Wallowas

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I am looking for a 2-3  night back trip in Southern Wallowas in Oregon.  I would love a loop trail if possible. Looking to head out next week and try avoid the heat as much as possible. Two female hikers with a good amount of back packing experience.

Imus Geographics makes a very good map of the Wallowas.  I'm not sure where your located, but good bookstores in Oregon (ie. Powells) generally carry it (I think).  I purchased mine at the ranger station in Enterprise (which unfortunately just burned down).   I'm not sure of a website where you can just download topos.

I can't recommend enough the TOPO! program from national geographic, which provides the detailed topo maps for the entire state.  A little spendy, but I definitely have gotten my money out of it.
Great, thanks for the insight FORREST!!

I am going to the Wallowa's for the first time this weekend and would love to explore trails near Glacier lake.  Would you please be able to point me to the right direction (web address perhaps) on how to find trail maps or what not?

Thanks a million!!!

A good option would be to start at the E. Fk Eagle Creek trailhead, head up to Crater lake, head over Hawkins Pass, Glacier Lake, Lakes Basin, and out E.Fk Eagle Creek.  We did a variation of this trip a few years back, and it was quite spectacular.