Trails near Lincoln City

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 Looking for a neat hike near Lincoln City, OR preferably a short hike with great views of the ocean family oriented.  If anyone knows of any let me know.  Thanks!

If you are still looking & depending on when you are going...I recommend these 2. Hart's Cove, great views & really nice trail, be careful though...1st half mile is a bit of a butt kicker, steep even with the switchbacks, but the views at the end make it well worth the aching legs. The other is Drift Creek Falls, but check to see if it will be open. I called the Hebo Ranger Station and they told me it would reopen August 8th. Another great trail, not too long and pretty easy going for young & old alike. Really nice waterfall and suspension bridge near the end. Have fun....Lincoln City is a great place to go. 
 Thanks for the suggestion!
T. Simons_81
I've heard that the trails at Cascade Head are nice, so I would probably look into those.  I haven't done any of them though, so I can't offer any first-hand knowledge.  The Oregon State Parks website probably has good information on some of the trails in some of the parks around the area, which are probably ideal for families.