Top Roman

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So with top roman being a staple in my backpacking pantry, and with all the different ways there is too make it. I was curious how you all created the bounty that is "the Roman".

I useually cook it up and drain it, then add the standard seasoning packet and some hot oil, but my buddy just eats it dry and sprinkles the seasoning on it with every bite.

How do you cook it while on the trail?


So I was brought up on Top Ramen while backpacking--I now try to stay away from the stuff, but I must admit that there is always two packets at the bottom of my food bag just in case we have to stay out an extra night or something (I think its been the same two bags of ramen for five or six years now!).

My best attempt at cooking ramen was quite some time ago.  I had dehydrated some strips of beef, brought some peppers, onion, and schezuan powder mix, did a little stir fry and poured it over my Ramen.  It was a good attempt, but the rehydrated beef was pretty nasty.  If I were to do this again, I would buy some of the bagged shrimp or chicken to use instead--and I think this more elaborate version of ramen could be pretty good.