Overnight backpacking suggestions

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 My husband and I just moved to Portland, and we'd like to do a one night backpacking trip with our dog.  A couple things we are looking for:

-within 3 hours from Portland
-moderate trail
-secluded lake or stream to set up camp (although, not too interested in doing a river crossing along the trail)
-ideally we'd like to hike in 10 miles or so
-pet friendly trail

I've been doing some research, but I thought I would check and see if their are any favorite trips out there.  Is it best to wait until mid-summer or is June an okay time? I appreciate any suggestions!

Eagle Creek is on my top 5 favorite hikes in the area and a dazzler but it is also one of the busiest trails in Oregon.  True, most are day hikers but on a good weekend (and we get so few) there will be a lot of competition for these camping areas.  Personally, I find the trek from the river to Whatum Lake a bit anti-climatic after all the scenery you leave from the river.  It's a mostly uneventful uphill trek to the lake after leaving the river and understand that the lake is accessible by road with a very short descent to the lake so you might find people up there that didn't hike.  I tend to prefer the hike when I can steal away mid week or just do it as a day hike and deal with the crowds early on.  Don't miss out on this hike at some point though.

You might try the Trapper Creek Wilderness as somebody else suggested.  It's got old growth and is much less crowded.  There are a number of camping areas but they are only about 3-4 miles in unless you first hike via the Observation Peak trail that takes a higher line through the wilderness and then connects around to form a longer 13-14 mile loop.  A good 10 mile first day would be to ascend the Observation Peak and loop around back down onto the Trapper Creek Trail (No 192) and hit one of the camp spots once you get down to the river.  Then, the next day you'd have a nice easy hike back out or could hit one of the other side trails or loops if you're feeling adventurous.
I second the Eagle Creek suggestion.. my girlfriend and I just did a backpack here to the 7 mile camp area.. jst past Twister Falsl... wonderful... not overly crowded... not too tough..dog friendly...enjoy!!!
We are new to the area of the Olympics and we're looking for some backpacking options with dogs.  I know they're not allowed in the parks but I'm noticing the trails seem to interact with forest and parks..anyone know of a simple overnighter close to Sequim where I can take my dog and a 10 year old without running into a park along the way?
Thank you!
FYI:  (I say this as a fellow dog owner who hikes with his dog often).  For the State of WA - you can bring your dog into State Forests but not into State Parks.  You might want to double check to make sure the area you are hiking in allows dogs.

Have fun!
One of my favorite spots is the Pamelia lake area in just below Mt Jefferson (just under a 3 hour drive). I like this area because several lakes are connected with trails and you get great views of Jefferson too.and if one lake is too busy for my likeing I simply move on to the next one. Plus theres some lesser known lakes that you can get to incase you want to be completely alone. the site below can give you a starting point. But be sure you do research, you could need a permit to get into limited entry areas.

There are some trails that will be ready in June, but you will definitely have quite a few more options in July (especially since this spring has been very cool and the snow probably isn't melting as fast as usual).

For snow information:
Oregon Snotel
Washington Snotel

A couple of my favorites:
Indian Heaven Wilderness- lots of lakes (and mosquitoes), probably is snow free a little earlier than the higher country, but probably still snowy until July.  Doesn't get too busy. 

Badger Creek - this is likely snowfree now

Olympics - the southern areas of the Olympics are right around 3 hours away.  Enchanted Valley, Duckabush, etc..

A few other ones to check out (these should be snow free soon, if they aren't already):
Dublin Lake (in the Gorge)
Trapper Creek Wilderness

Things to check out once the snow melts (sometime mid-July)
Mt. Jefferson Wilderness - lots of lakes, mountains, and hidden places
Goat Rocks - a good three hours or so away, but a great area to explore.

I think Eagle Creek could fit the bill.  Its less than an hour from Portland (go east on 84 and take the eagle creek exit, just after Bonneville Dam).  The first few miles will likely have lots of day hikers, but once you get past tunnel falls at the 7ish mile mark it thins out considerably.  There are some amazing views/canyons/waterfalls along the way.  Between Tunnel falls and Whatum lake (at 14 miles) there are many nice campsites along the river.