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Trying to find if there is a way to hike from Astoria, OR to the Portland area.

Haven't had much luck while searching online and was hoping I could get some feedback from real people on the possibility of this.


Trails of any length are really lacking in the northern Coast Range of Oregon, so this would be pretty hard to pull off.  The majority of trails seem to be created in National Forests,and the northern Oregon Coast Range is either private land or state forests (I'm not sure why there aren't more trails in state forests).  The only feasible way to do this currently would be to hike on backroads.

The best way to do this by trail currently would be to hike south on the Coast Trail, and then work your way to the Wilson River Trail which would bridge much of the coast range.  There of course would still be quite a bit of road walking involved with this.  There is also a now hikable railroad grade along the Salmonberry River which could be used.

A few years back I tried creating a theoretical trail between Portland and Seaside, which I think could be interesting.  My route started with the Wildwood Trail in Portland's west hills, connected to a few trails on Sauvie Island, and made its way to St. Helens (a bridge or boat would be needed to connect to St. Helens), it then made its way through the coast range, passing through the Carcass Creek area, which looks interesting since on my map there are a few waterfalls listed in this area.  I also found a railroad grade, which on my map was marked as 'abandoned', perhaps someday this could be converted to trail.

More recently I started stiching together a trail from Tillamook to Portland (using the Wilson River trail mentioned above), which has probably more potential since there are already some trails in place, but I'm sure I've bored anybody reading this by now, so perhaps that is a future post!